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Delon Draws Controversy and Crowds to Elon.

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by Bryce Little
November 19, 2008

Sri Lankan rapper DeLon performed at Elon Nov. 13 to raise awareness for his war-torn country.

The 2011 Periclean Scholars invited DeLon to be part of Sri Lanka Week.

“We have been doing stuff all week and we know we needed to use all kinds of people and different kinds of ways to attract people to learn about Sri Lanka,” said 2011 Periclean Scholar Natalie Lampert.

The 2011 Pericleans brought a wide array of speakers from Sri Lanka to meet with students this week. Speakers ranged from Buddhist monks to Sri Lankan diplomats. img_4279

“We figured we needed a bigger event to reach people who might not come out to those speakers,” Lampert said.

DeLon’s mix of party and political hip-hop has made him popular in both the United States and Sri Lanka.

His public beef with M.I.A, another successful Sri Lankan hip-hop artist, has brought him much publicity as well as YouTube fame.

His video “All I Wanna do Diss,” set to the beat of M.I.A’s “Paper Planes,” received 10,000 hits in the videos first 12 hours posted on the Internet.

The video was shown at the concert, while the gruesome footage and heated lyrics left the Elon crowd in awe.

“First off let me get some facts straight: You represent terrorism in the worst way. LTTE inventors of the suicide bomb,” Delon said in his song “All I Wanna do Diss.” “Freedom fighters, is that what you call that? The same freedom you took away from them, you can’t hide no matter where they live, you extort, money launder and steal their kids.”

The video was created after DeLon noticed that M.I.A was putting tracks on her records that glorified the terrorist organization Liberation Tamil Tigers of Eelam.

The series of disses and threats is part of a much larger issue facing Sri Lanka. The LTTE and the Sri Lankan military have been engaged in a civil war since the late 1970s.

The LTTE want a separate Tamil state in the northern part of the country and have been using suicide attacks and heavy military movement to secure the land.

The war has caused nearly 60,000 deaths and has forced nearly 800,000 people to leave the country.

In an interview with Pitchfork, M.I.A. said in response to the video that DeLon is using these attacks on her as self-promotion and nothing more.

This heated battle between both artists left some students at the performance interested about the current political state of Sri Lanka.

“I learned a lot from it,” sophomore Katie Frisch said. “I had no idea that was going on in Sri Lanka and I definitely want to look more into it.”

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