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Michelle Ferrier visits Elon

by Bryce Little           September 21, 2008

Michelle Ferrier was at Elon to talk to students about the importance of online communities in journalism. Ferrier is the managing editor for the Daytona Beach News Journal’s online news database at is a user-generated site that allows for people all over the Daytona Beach area to communicate through a single online news outlet. A database that can be accessed by the consumer and specialized to what the consumers needs is the newest trend in media.

“You the consumer are in the drivers seat,” said Ferrier, “You can pull information to you that you can go out and actively seek. It’s a different dynamic than that of the content in traditional media organizations.”

Ferrier explains that this type of information sharing will become more widespread in the future. The idea of user-generated content has experienced a dramatic increase within the past 15 years.

From 1996 to 2008 the amount of blogs has rose from 50 to over 50 million.  65,000 videos are posted on every day.  This ability to share information and connect with people all over the world has changed the media field forever. Now outlets are focused more on involving the consumer, than just trying to report for them.

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