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A new class signs the Call to Honor Book

September 11, 2008

By Bryce Little

The Class of 2012 met today in Alumni Gym to take part in the Call to Honor Ceremony. The Ceremony consisted of several keynote speakers, including President Emeritus Earl Danieley. Danieley spoke on the importance of respect, the class of 2012 designated character trait.  Also speaking at the ceremony were class officers from each class and the Student Body president. Each speaker was also able to take part in signing the Call to Honor book, which signifies each classes pledge to follow the four character traits in the code of ethics, honesty, responsibility, integrity, and respect. Elon hopes that this ceremony will give students a heads up on what’s expected as an Elon student.

“I like how they take this stuff seriously at Elon,” says freshman Jimmy Vollmer. “Most colleges don’t take the time to imprint these qualities in their students.”

To the class representatives who participated in the event explained that the ceremony stood for a warning to the freshman class to do what is expected of them.

“Responsibility, the freshman should be responsible for their actions,” says junior class officer Jenny Statler. “everything they do has a ripple effect.”

With a new school year just under way the importance of the honor code is stressed now more than ever. The Call to Honor ceremony and the code being printed in every handbook and syllabus Elon is sending a message to its freshman that the school expects the best from their students in the classroom and in the community.

Junior Jenny Statler Lights the Call to Honor Candle

Junior Jenny Statler lights the call to honor candle.

Earl Danieley Stands with Class representatives

Earl Danieley stands with class representatives.

Freshman stand to be called to Honor

Freshman stand to be called to honor.

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  1. andersj said,

    Bryce, this is exactly what I have been encouraging you all to do – to provide community journalism on a spot-news basis. This is just great. Doing this helps you realize that it is energizing and interesting to turn things around right away instead of sitting on it. Great communicators in this day are reporting directly from the scene with words and visuals – you joined them with this assignment!

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