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Palin impresses, fails to prevail

by Bryce Little
October 3, 2008

On Thursday night students from both of Elon’s chapters of the Radio Television News Directors Association and The Society of Professional Journalists met in several classrooms in McEwen to watch the vice presidential debate. Afterwards the debate members from the two groups had an informal discussion about who was the better candidate and ultimately which parties were hurt and helped.“The vice presidential debates can be completely uneven, completely go out of control and not even be that great for a candidate and still win,” senior Kevin Kline said.

After intently watching the debate, students conversed about both candidates’ views on the Iraq War, the energy crisis and the current economic downturn.

“I thought both candidates were prepared and came to the debate well rehearsed and ready to take each other on,” Mackenzie Ames, co-president of RTNDA, said.

Many students agreed both candidates did as well or better than expected.

“I think she [Palin] is doing really well,” senior Jinni Phipps said. “Compared to her interview on Katie Couric, so far so good.”

Some students were surprised at Sarah Palin’s ability to stand against the more experienced Joe Biden, but expectations still were not high after Palin’s recent interviews with some media outlets.

“I felt that Sarah Palin exceeded expectations,” Kline said. “My expectations were not terribly high for her. Sarah Palin had a lot less to lose than Biden did because when you have your expectations low you have a lot less to lose.”

Students participated in disussion after the debate

Students participated in discussion after the debate

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