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Elon weighs-in on vice presidential debate

by Bryce Little  October 3, 2008

With the presidential election about a month away, many Elon students are still trying to decide whom they will vote for. The vice presidential debate between Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden could not have come at a more pivotal point in the election season.vice-pres

In the past, the vice presidential debates have not particularly mattered, but in a race that has been so close for so long all facets of the election are being taken into account.

The majority of the pundits who commented on the debate decided that it was fairly even, with both candidates making valid points and standing their ground on the issues.

An informal survey of Elon Students faculty and staff the day after the vice presidential candidates’ debate found that the Elon community had a wide variety of opinions about who won the vice presidential debate.  The survey was conducted by 18 students in a reporting course who gathered a convinced sample, polling Elon individuals in person, by phone and online between 10:50 and 11:30 a.m. Friday.

There were over 285 people surveyed in the informal polling. Out of the 135 individuals that choose between Palin and Biden,  62 percent picked Joe Biden as the definitive winner and about 39 percent said Sarah Palin.

“Biden, I don’t think that Palin had anything substantial to say,” said Alison Poliseno the campus recreation programs director at Elon University.

The two  different debate styles gave each candidate a  specific audience. The Biden approach of have exact statistics and specific responses. this style of debate favored the democrats who pundits said wanted to see Biden be as professional as possible to point out Palin’s lack of experience as shown in the Katie Couric interview

Republicans wanted something different out of Palin. They wanted her to show the “hockey mom” persona while still being strict an unwavering on the positions she held.

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  1. Janna said,

    Good start on this, but I know you will improve it this weekend. You need a much more focused headline that includes the words Elon, debate, Palin and Biden. Do not capitalize presidential – AP Style is lower-case. Be sure to figure out the percentages and use them instead of 85, 53, etc. You can see how other students did it and then use your own method. Andie made a list and Hobie made a chart, for instance. Professional reporters who write about surveys generally use percentages because it simplifies the information for the audience. When you rewrite this, be sure to include direct quotations from the people you interviewed, and I am also looking forward to seeing your video! Nice work on the story for The Pendulum about the viewing of the debate, by the way!

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